Farewell to Teaching

After 9 years of teaching I say my farewell. My third grade class celebrated the last day of school with an afternoon at the homemade water slide. I taught this particular class for a year and a half, moving from second to third with them. Next year I will be a full time mommy.


I spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning my classroom for the next teacher. Before leaving I took one last look at my room. Though I haven’t been there for long, so much has happened. To begin with, who would have guessed I would be standing in a third grade classroom! I walked around touching the books and desks. From there I visited the second grade classroom and other important places on the primary campus. If there is anything I have learned about being a missionary it is to say a good goodbyes… even to places.

At home I teared up thinking how different things will be when I return to Papua New Guinea in January. There is something so beautiful and yet incredibly hard about change. My heart is filled with joy about being a mom to this little boy growing inside of me but so many other emotions are tangled up in there as well. This is normal they tell me.


Sitting down with my journal I realized this:
– I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 8.
– I started helping teaching when I was 12 (Church at Charlotte nursery)
– I began babysitting when I was 13
– I assisted in Cubby’s (AWANA) when I was 14
– I taught my first Bible lesson when I was 18 at Columbia International University
– I have taught Colombian, Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, Korean, Costa Rican, Chinese, Dutch, Papua New Guinean, Australian, and Canadian children.
– I have taught 4 grade levels: Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Second, and Third grade
– I have used 7 different curriculums and taught at 4 different schools in 3 different countries
– I have taught over 100 students

I am grateful to God for the times he has used me to teach his little ones and I look forward to how he can use me in the future, especially with my own children.

Thanks to all of you who have traveled this road with me.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Teaching

  1. Bittersweet, indeed, but oh the new joys that await you!!! So proud of you. Love you guys… All three!!! Aunt Cindie

    From Maw Maw…I understand the mixed emotions, however, remember that God works in mysterious ways. Chances may come through your work for the Lord for you to use your skills with young children in many different ways that you have never dreamed of. Being a mom will open doors you may never have imagined. God will lead you there.

  2. Wow Amanda! I’m honored to be your sis in law! I know you’ve impacted so many little kiddos, and now to be a mommy and make the greatest impact you could ever make on a life – you’re gonna be such a good one 😊
    Praying for you as you make this transition and can’t wait to see you soon!


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