The Return Journey

We’re on our way! The house is clean. Everything is packed. Our flight left Friday morning at 8 am.


We stood in the foggy airport all bundled in jackets waiting for the first view of the far mountains (that is the sign to the pilots that they can fly). My nieces and nephew surrounded us with lots of hugs and lots of questions. My nephew, Will, kept his hand on my stomach in hopes of one last kick from his cousin.

The teenagers gathered in little pockets doing their best to keep their emotions in check, as many of their friends prepared to leave their childhood home. This is a typical scene for the middle of June, right after graduation. People leave finish (for good) and furlough (for a short time) and many leave to attend college.


(Photo by Brandy Ingle)

Finally the pilot gives his five minute warning and the tears begin and continue on the plane. We flew to the capital with two graduates who were in a sad state. College is a big step, but leaving your family in a third world country makes the transition all the more difficult. Upon take off we soaked in the beautiful green hillsides, winding snake rivers, and patches of villages scattered all about. 

Farewell beautiful PNG. We look forward to greeting you again and introducing you to our little boy. 

5 thoughts on “The Return Journey

  1. Oh Amanda… you look beautiful!!! Safe travels home to you all!! Hope to see you all soon. All my love…Aunt Cindie

  2. Sad we’re going to miss you guys for a few months, but so EXCITED for you!! See you three soon.

  3. You really DO look beautiful! We’ve been praying for safe travels and it sound as if you are going to have a good journey. Your family who awaits your arrival are certainly excited. ….Karyn Folmar

  4. By now you are back in Bhm and experiencing a whole new set of emotions than when you left PNG a few days ago. Thanks for your post and look forward to seeing you in July! Peggy

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