A Day in the Life of Finn

We are officially parents! On Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 7:08pm Finn Martin Halbrooks was born. He has been a huge blessing to us ever since. Our lives have changed so much already but all for the better. Our little buddy sleeps well during the day and is rocking nursing – which is great for a one month old!


Finn is a spunky, active little fella (like he was during pregnancy). He plays well by himself but doesn’t like to be far away from the action or the attention of others. Although new things (changing diapers, bath time, tummy time) are met with lots of screams, he comes around the next time they’re introduced.



Finn LOVES his paci! At birth he was sucking on his fingers.


Finn’s day often starts with a bottle given to him by his dadd-e-o. All other feeds are done by mom but this one is special, a little “daddy-buddy-time”. Of course it comes with squirms, occasional screams and burps and lots of spit up – but it’s still special for all.


After that, he enjoys some playtime on the baby gym or some tummy time. This kid is amazing at tummy time! We have been doing this since he was just a few days and he loves it. The first few times he wasn’t sure what to do but his tiny little head was bobbing all over the place. He doesn’t want to miss the action! In the past month he has rolled over four times and used his strong busy legs to scoot himself off the mat twice. We have an active one on our hands, folks!



The afternoon and early evening events are very similar – feed, play, sleep. Every day, however, we take an “outing.” For mama’s sanity we have to get out of the house at least once, even if it’s just for a drive. He has already been on walks, to the grocery store, to visit family and to Amanda’s Bible Study. We look forward to many more adventures (next big event is to Waxhaw, NC- Oct 1-15).


Our nights are often quiet. Finn is slowly learning, along with his parents, how to enjoy bath time. He started with a sponge bath and is now moving to a baby bath. This is the most stressful baby-care-thing I (Amanda) have to do for him, but we are learning together. He is still a bit unsure of the whole situation. He also enjoys a bedtime story with Dad.


After a bath he gets one last “daytime feed” then we head to bed. At first we were waking him up every two hours but, after being given permission from his pediatrician, now we let him sleep until he wakes up hungry. This is easier said than done. We are very proud of our little boy and how well he does, for the most part, of eating and sleeping at night. We are often able to feed every three to four hours at night- and sometimes even get in a “bonus sleep” (6:00-8:00am) if we feel like we need it.


(Note: he doesn’t actually sleep like this… he just zonked out after a feeding, and I let him rest a little while with his zonked out daddy.)

Finn is also learning how to be carried in an Ergo carrier and a BobaWrap. Since he is such a hot-pocket we have not tried this a ton, since summer hasn’t really ended yet. All in good time.


Nothing is better than being parents to this little guy. We can’t wait to introduce you to him someday.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Finn

  1. Great pics; we especially like the last 2. The penguin pacifier is perfect for Finn the Eskimo!


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