Six Years in PNG

Six year ago today (January 24, 2011) I set foot in Papua New Guinea as a missionary teacher. Although I had been here before as a teen this was a much different experience. I was twenty-six and single. I had people tell me before I left that I might as well give up all hopes of getting married seeing as the odds were very much against me. There were also people telling me I wouldn’t make it. Six months of support raising would not be enough.


I remember arriving at our Pacific Orientation Course thinking, “WOW, I finally made it!”. Just two weeks earlier I had only been at 52% of my financial support requirements. Christmas Eve was my cut off. I had decided that if I didn’t get the rest of my support by then, I would stay in North Carolina and attend the next training course (in July). But God was good. Support began to trickle in, and the day before Christmas Eve my friend called and said that her dad wanted to support a missionary and he chose me. She said that he would be willing to give whatever else I needed. I drove to my brothers house with so much joy in my heart.

It is amazing to look back over the years and see what God has done for me. Here are some highlights:

  • 2011- I began teaching Kindergarten at Ukarumpa International School
  • 2012- I taught Second Grade for the first time
  • 2013- I got engaged and married to Alan
  • 2014- Alan and I had our first furlough
  • 2015- I taught Third Grade for the first time
  • 2016- We bought a house in PNG and had our son Finn

Who knows what’s in store this year. I’m excited to find out!

2 thoughts on “Six Years in PNG

  1. So very proud of you and Alan’s devotion to each other, Finn and the spreading of God’s good word!! Your journey is still unfolding and I am eager to hear what’s next! Love you tons…Aunt Cindie

  2. Looks like you were working your way through the primary campus! Give it few more years and you’ll have taught all the grades! Thanks for sharing and I am glad you are here!


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