Baby Finn

Baby Finn, as he is affectionately called here, is growing fast! Today he turns 9 months. He is a busy and social little guy, always wanting to be where the people are. Sometimes we will have friends over for games and he has to meet them before he can go to sleep. Recently he has taken to standing at the door and watching people walk by, often letting out a loud babble of delight.

At five months he started to “worm” crawl, where he would push with his feet and rock with his stomach. (above he is in the “plank” pose) Sometimes he would almost face plant, which rarely bothered him. At first he would move backwards which was quite frustrating. He quickly became proficient at moving forward. All of sudden he moved from complete worm crawl to normal crawl, to the dismay of many. He is now VERY fast at crawling!

8 mon standing

This past month he learned how to stand while holding onto something and is slowly making his way into the “cruising” stage, and a lot of trouble ;). I was really hoping for a little more time before walking! We’ll see.

Friday Finn gets to experience his first Sports Day. Of course he has to wear Blue to support the team his mommy was on when she went to school here. Go Beta!

Finn LOVES real food and often gets jealous if we are eating and he is not. We have enjoyed watching his reactions to different textures and flavors. I can’t wait to introduce him to things like blueberries, cantaloupe, and grapes when we return to the states next time. (above left: looking for more, right: avocado)

He also loves his cousins. They adore him and are a great source of entertainment.

Finn has always been curious. Many times we have found him sitting for long periods of time studying this thing or that. I always wonder what he is thinking.

It’s fun to play games with him now like hide-the-toy or putting toys on his head. His personality is really coming out!

We hope you enjoyed hearing what Finn is up to these days. We’ll keep you updated!

7 thoughts on “Baby Finn

  1. Growing up so fast….and you’ve already got him doing push ups! ….looking forward to being with you & the Mighty Finn next month. 🏝✈️

  2. Good for you Amanda! Yes, updates on Baby Finn (quickly turning in to Toddler Finn!) would be great as often as possible! So precious. Thanks.

  3. Yes, Amanda, so very precious, and we love you letting us keep up with the Mighty Finn (I like that name!) and all of you. Keep them coming!

  4. Great write up! Makes you want to squeeze him. I miss you Finn man! Parks is itching to see his cousin.

  5. Won’t be long and he’ll be taking his first snowmobile ride in Colorado! Not much chance of that in Finn-Land, or he would have already done it….
    I have a feeling that his Momma will have him looking like Finn the Eskimo for driving the trails above Vail.
    – Big Daddy


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