Our Visitors

In June we were blessed with a visit from Alan’s mom and dad. Before coming to Papua New Guinea they decided it would be fun to vacation in Fiji. They graciously flew the three of us out to meet them. After hearing all the horror stories of flying with a crawler we were surprised at how well Finn did on the flights, six in all. He even took interest in our safety!

Our time in Fiji was lovely and so relaxing. We enjoyed delicious food, had some memorable experiences, and were treated like royalty! This was just what we needed and was so fun spending it with family.

Finn enjoyed a lot of firsts: first time kayaking, first time in a life-preserver, first time in a Cannibal Cave… you know, typical 10-month-old stuff.

With only five days in PNG we had to show them everything! A local guide took us hiking to the top of the ridge which overlooked our beautiful Ukarumpa.

We introduced them to a Mumu (a traditional PNG feast cooked on hot rocks under the ground) done in our backyard by national ladies who work for us. Miss Deb tried her hand at peeling kaukau (sweet potato) and other vegetables.

Alan’s parents even took part in a Cake Competition we put on for the teenagers in the community. Six cakes were entered and judged. Cake tasting is hard work! ;) Can you guess which one won overall?

How wonderful to see this country through their eyes. They were enamored by the variety of birds and flowers we have here, our own botanical gardens! It was great being able to introduce Rick and Deborah to our little life, our friends, and work. We look forward to them returning again some day soon!

2 thoughts on “Our Visitors

  1. An wonderful trip it was!! Time with family = THE BEST!! And time with family in beautiful parts of the world = AWESOMENESS!! We loved every minute and, for sure, hope to return someday…with more family in tow:) Keep up the good work, enjoying the people and beauty where you are planted,
    Hugs & kisses (especially for Baby Finn) until our next adventure.

  2. Finn getting so big! :-) He doesn’t look terribly thrilled with that life preserver, though…
    Glad to hear you had fun – visitors are the best! :-)


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