It’s been a long mango season and my heart is happy! I don’t think I have ever had this many good mangoes in PNG before. The three of us have been enjoying them in all kinds of ways…especially smoothies!

When I was a kid growing up in Colombia we were the one of the only houses that didn’t have a mango tree. Although we didn’t have the ready access to them we also avoided the chore of disposing of the rotten ones. I remember hating how stringy they could be. In my mind, they were better cut.

Did you know there were different ways to prepare a mango?

Of course you could peal the skin off and start chowing, but here are some other ways.

The cube approach: You basically slice down one side of the pit and then cut the flesh into cubes. Then peal it back and eat the cubes one at a time or cut them and use a fork. This is a much less messy way of eating it, and you avoid (for the most part) the strings.


The cup approach: This is my go-to method now! After cutting down the side of the pit you take the piece, put it up against the cup, and scrape the inside off. It falls into one big piece, making sure you get as much mango as possible! I often then cut it into cubes and serve it. YEAH!



Maybe this has blown your mind like mine or maybe you are just laughing at me…either way, God bless mangos!

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