Former Students

I have had so much fun seeing my kids grow up this year. And I don’t mean Finn. My former students are now in middle school. Believe it or not, I have been working in country for seven years now. It has been such a joy watching them participate in the secondary sports day, middle school play, and Carnival. Last weekend I even got to hear them sing in the Intermediate choir.

You never know what you’ll teach when you work here. Thinking back, I have taught all kinds of things! I taught the current seventh graders for two weeks in Kindergarten, all second grade, and one term of fourth grade (due to a sudden departure of their teacher). The current sixth graders I taught half of them in Kindergarten as well as Kindergarten PE and Second grade. The current fifth graders I taught in Second and Third grade and also had them for Kindergarten Sunday School.

How have they grown so fast?! I am grateful for the chance to continue to build relationships with them and watch them turn into lovely men and women of God.

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