Tea Time with Finn

We have been blessed with a surplus of babysitters this past year and a half. Finn has been loved more than we could have ever imagined, by neighbors, teens, kids, and anyone who sees him.

A few days ago I threw a Tea Party with Finn for the Junior and Senior High girls who have watched him recently. Finn helped me make name cards for each of them using his very best “coloring” and he even helped me pick out the menu: muffins, bananas, and peanut butter pretzels.

We are constantly surprised by his ability to pick up words and remember them. At the party he tried his best to say all of his babysitters names (or nicknames) which was very special: “Mae Mae,” “Hey Hey”, “Leee-aah” and “That” (sorry Ashleigh). We finished the visit with books, trucks, and balls, all of Finn’s favorite things.

Thanks again girls! We’ll miss you while we’re gone.


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