Dis Dis Dee

Finn is obsessed with Christmas trees at the moment.

We saw a few while driving around before we returned and he was first to point them out. When we got back to PNG he kept wanting us to draw one so he could color it. I asked Finn what he wanted me to make for Daddy’s birthday and, surprise surprise, a Christmas tree.

There was only one week left of daycare before it closed for the Christmas break so we took advantage of it. Finn went Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He enjoyed it Monday and had a hard time on Wednesday. When the school term starts, we are sure he’ll do fine. He’s still in transition and wants to be as close to Mom and especially Dad as he can. We, however, really needed time to unpack and get situated.

So on Friday we did all we could to make him excited about it. Alan gave him a small part of his snack. We told him all the fun things we were going to do that afternoon with the teens. I also told him that maybe his teacher could draw a Christmas tree and let him color it. He liked that idea. I gave him hugs and kisses and he walked in with confidence. When I picked him up at noon he had a tree pinned to his backpack.

“What is this?” I asked him.
“Dis Dis Dee!” Finn said with great excitement.

“Oh” I said, a bit confused. Not exactly the kind of tree I was expecting but something was likely lost in the translation. At least he was happy with it.


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