Finn’s new “best friend”

That’s right, we have reached a new stage of life that is worth noting…potty training. Friends have been telling us to “not start until he is ready” and “don’t push it on boys” and “don’t miss the window”. Since Colby came, we figured we’d wait until we were settled, maybe even after he is weened. We have put Finn on the potty a few times in the past six months or so but he never seemed interested so we dropped it. 

The day after Christmas he kept taking off his diaper (and Colby’s, but that is another story…) and lingering around the restroom. We had very little intention of doing this however he seemed to be interested. After asking for some advice from friends with multiple boys, we decided to give it a try. If it doesn’t work, oh well, we’ll try later.

The first day was awful! I am told accidents are good teachers. For the kid or the parent? We wish there was a prize for cleaning up after this kid! We went through ten pairs of underwear in the morning, which is all I had!

The next few days were better, especially when we discovered his currency…chocolate kisses! (disclaimer I tried nerds and would try something smaller but our store was closed for the holidays so this is what we had) This kid sat for 10 minutes, determined to earn a chocolate kiss!

One night, he came up to Alan with a bowl and said, “Big bowl chocolate please daddy”. Nice try pal!

The last few weeks he has made progress. He often only has one accident a day. His currency has changed from chocolate kisses, to a spoon of ice-cream (thanks Mimi ;) to jelly beans (thank Kelly!). He has even managed to go potty at Daycare which is very encouraging to us. We have had multiple dry diapers in the morning and after naps which is amazing! I was NOT expecting that. Every time he is successful he runs around saying “Me did it. Two candies, one and two!”. Then he says, “Me big boy!”

(Finn with a homemade corndog ;)

So we are pressing forward. I still feel nervous taking him out into public. He’s like a time bomb. But he is learning and we are proud of him. Thankfully, we are not the only family potty training a little boy at the moment. I am grateful for the encouragement!

2 thoughts on “Finn’s new “best friend”

  1. Congrats to Finn!!! Anything that ends with your getting a Hershey’s kiss is well worth the effort!! Love to all… Aunt Cindie


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