Valentine’s Poem

As I was unpacking our things when we returned from having Colby I found this sweet poem that Alan wrote for me last Valentines Day. I thought how fun it would be to share it with you, especially this week! Maybe I shouldn’t mention that while I was typing this I was snacking on Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. ;)

Loathing Has Its Limits
By Alan T. Halbrooks

Peanut butter is the worst
It’s sticky through and through
My tongue gets stuck – All full of muck
Whether crunchy-style or smooth

But if it meant that I could spend
Another day or hour
Beside my love, my Mandolyn-
Then buckets, I’d devour.

Powdered flour’s just as bad
It’s tingly to the touch
My face contorts – My nose, it snorts –
One tablespoon’s too much.

But if you threw it in the air
And as it fell, we danced-
I wouldn’t mind the floury snow
If only for that chance.

Microwaves should not exist-
They turn good food to mush
For making noise and killing joys
They’d all be better crushed.

But if it meant a quiet night
In the company of you-
I’d gladly eat the things it burned
Whether chicken, scones, or stew.

Loathing has its limits, see –
While loving you does not
(I’d even take a case of Pringles
If you came with the lot!)

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Poem

  1. Well I am very impressed and enjoyed reading it aloud to my poor sicko husband. Alan is super creative in my estimation. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.


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