Six Months

Look who is six month old! Where did the time go? Sweet Colby, what would we do with out you (other than sleep at night ;).

This little guy is changing so much. He loves his mommy and daddy best of all! Finn is a hit or miss depending on if he is entertaining Colby by dancing or sitting on him while he’s trying to do tummy time. Colby loves to watch people, stick his tongue out, bounce in his seat, and be snuggled. He loves food, the swing, and bath time. He is NOT a big fan of sleeping but doesn’t like to wake up either. He is loved by many!

Happy half birthday Colby Raymond. Here are some (I had a TON but, alas, I had to par down) pictures highlighting this time.

Colby came SOOO much faster than his brother. Bless him! August 18, 2018.

Finn still wants to hold Colby all the time! Here they are sporting Big Brother/Little Brother t-shirts.

His first Fall Festival- it was hot one, but he didn’t care.

Daddy bought some new bowls and Finn decided they were the right size “helmets” for the three boys.

Whatcha thinking about?

Three cheers to the person who invented bassinets on airplanes!!

I think he could sit in this bouncy seat all day long if we let him. He kicks his legs to make it rock.

Finn’s favorite book. He loves to play “sleep” with Colby.

First time in the Bumbo. I think he likes it!

One of my favorite outfits that Finn wore at this age (of course I think Colby fills it out a bit more ;).



4 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Awwww! I just want to play and snuggle up with baby Coco. -miss my A & A family so much. We are going to the beach place today…wish Finn Finn was with us , watching Peppa on the way and playing in the sand upon arriving. 😘❤️ Xxxooo


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