Fridays with Finn: Bears

This little fella has LOTS to say and we thought we would share some of his conversations with you! We’ll be posting them on Fridays. Hope you enjoy our little guy as much as we do!

While sitting at the table

Finn (looking out the window) -“What that noise?”
Me– “What noise?”
Finn– “Rarrar mommy!”
Me– “Is it a bear.”
Finn– “Yeah. A blue bear”
Me– “Oh no!”
Finn– “No, no, Mommy, he nice.”
Me– “Oh, okay, good.”

We were swinging at the store playground with Finn’s teddy bear, Snuggle Bear

Finn– “That Snuggle Bear house”
Me– “Snuggle Bear lives in that tree?”
Finn– “Yeah. He go up, up, up!”
Me– “Wow! What does he eat?”
Finn– “Waffles!”


3 thoughts on “Fridays with Finn: Bears

  1. Blue bears and bears that eat waffles are THE BEST!! (What a cutie pie he is, you guys!) Love ya…Aunt Cindie

  2. Waffles! 😁 You just never know what’s going to come out of a toddler’s mouth. ☺ Makes me miss my nephews.

  3. Bears eating waffles in trees?! Now why doesn’t PNG put that in their travel brochures? I’m quite positive it would increase their tourism:) 😛


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