Fridays with Finn: My Friend Jesus

Teaching kids about Jesus and the Bible has been something I have always enjoyed- starting back when I was twelve, helping in the church Sunday school class. My passion intensified after taking variety of wonderful classes at my college (Columbia International University). Since then I have taught Bible to kids from Pre-K to fourth grade but nothing, prepared me for teaching it to my own son.

It is both exciting and intimidating to be one of the first to introduce him to God, Jesus, and the Bible (which he calls “The Jesus Book”). What will he think? Will he believe what I am saying? Will he understand? Will I tell him correctly?

I realized after the following conversations that I have never taught someone “from scratch” before. They have all come to me with a basic understanding,  at least knowing a handful of Bible stories. But here is a kid who has never heard of God or Jesus! He hears us pray, of course, but this is the first year where he is asking questions, trying prayer out himself, and eager for us to read every night. I have my own little mission field living in my house!

Finn builds Noah’s ark.

Anyways, enjoy our talks. :)

While sitting in the church nursery the other day, we heard the preacher say the name “Jesus.”

Finn looks at me excitedly:
Finn– “Mommy, Jesus!”
Me– “Yeah, he said Jesus.”
Finn stands up and grabs my hand:
Finn– “Come on mommy. Go see Jesus.”
Me (laughing)-  “Buddy, I would love to go see Jesus with you, but we can’t right now.”

Finn and I were in the church nursery another day when someone brought me communion.

Finn– “Me want some of that (bread) mommy.”
Me– “This is special bread, buddy. It reminds me that Jesus died for me and then came back to life. Now we can live with King Jesus someday. ”
Finn– “Jesus die?”
Me– “Yeah. He died because he loves us soooo much. But now he lives in heaven with God. This bread reminds me of all that he did.”
Finn– “Baby Jesus, King Jesus.”
Me– “That’s right. He was baby Jesus, then a man Jesus, and now he is King Jesus.”
A thoughtful pause… then:
Finn– “Me want some of that.”
Me– “I can get you some bread when we get home buddy.”

Well, it’s a start. : )

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