Talks with Finn: Clever Boy

So…apparently entitling these blogs “Friday’s with Finn” is just not working for me, now that our weekly schedule is different. I will now be calling them “Talks with Finn.” This way I will have a little more flexibility ;)

At bath time Finn requested to bring a “toy” with him. He must have found it in one of our giveaway boxes.

Finn– “Me wanna wear goggle glasses.”
Mommy– “What’s that?”
Daddy– “He wants to wear goggles – we saw them in a book last night.”
Finn– “Yeah, me wanna breathe under water.”

After googling how to cut a toddler’s hair, Alan was ready.

Daddy– “I am ready to cut someone’s hair!”
Finn– “Me want lollypop in it”
Daddy– “Wow, buddy, how in the world did you remember that?”

(Six months ago we got his hair cut in the States and they gave him a lollypop)

Looking at a measuring tape Finn started counting.

Finn– “seven, eight, nine”
Mommy– “Wow, buddy, who taught you there were numbers on that?”
Finn– (no response)
Mommy – “Finn, what is on that?”
Finn – “ABCD’s”


Mommy– “Finn, can you sing the ABC song?”
Finn– (to the tune of the ABC song) “No, No, no, no, no, no, no”

One of Finn’s routines is to sit on our porch and eat a snack. This day we were eating popsicles when I started singing a worship song…

Finn– “No, no mommy”
Mommy– “What? I can’t sing a worship song?” (I start singing again)
Finn (points to my popsicle) – “Eat popsicle mommy”

This kid likes singing and dancing, but apparently only on his terms!

6 thoughts on “Talks with Finn: Clever Boy

  1. Hahaha! Kids are so amazing (& funny). Glad you are writing down all the funny stuff Finn is saying & doing. It’s so much fun to share them with your kids when they’re 10 (teenagers usually aren’t amused).

  2. Goggles: Finn is preparing for Hawaii.
    Haircut: Cutting out curls deserves a lollipop for sure, along with admonishment from the grandparents.
    Singing vs. eating: There is a season for everything…a time to sing worship songs and a time to eat popsicles….& eating will win out every time; ask Big Daddy. 🤣

  3. Hi friends! We are loving these Finn updates! How are you all? Praying things are going well for you in PNG. We miss you!! -Jenny



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