Talks with Finn: Life Lessons

After receiving our shipment from the States full of books, toys, games, diapers, and tons of other things, we went on a family walk.

Daddy– “Are we bad people for being so happy about getting lots and lots of stuff?”
Finn– (front his stroller) “Me happy.”
Daddy– “Yeah?”
Finn– “Me not bad people.”

Takeaway: we’re not bad people.

Looking out the window one day…

Mommy– “Finn look at those trees. Why are they moving like that?”
(Long pause)
Finn– “That wind mommy.”

At lunch after a morning at Daycare…

Daddy– “Were the kids nice at daycare today or were they mean?”
Finn– “They mean”
Daddy – “Uh oh, what did they do?”
Finn– “They push me”
Daddy– “Uh-oh… did you push them back?
Finn– “Yeah”
Daddy– “Well who pushed first?
Finn– “Me did”
Daddy– “Buddy, that means you’re mean, not them.”


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