Rain or Shine

Why does weather affect our mood so much? The last two months or so have been RAINY, everyday, sometimes all day long. My laundry started to pile up and it was NOT pretty. I started dreaming about a dryer or giant piles of dirty clothes engulfing me! Everything seemed muddy. I was about to Lose it!

But when there is rain, there is plenty of water in the tank!

Now, we are in “dry season”. It hasn’t rained for a few days and all that laundry is dry and clean. YEAY! But now, other worries begin. Will our tank be full? Where is the sunscreen? Will I fall on the loose rocks on the road (done that)? Thankfully it is acting like a “normal” dry season (dry during the day, rains at night).

After many cloudy days the sun came through our window and all three of us stood in it. Finn put his hand in the rays and we all laughed. It’s sad when sunshine makes you stop and stare!

We had so much fun mud sliding, walking in the rain, and puddle jumping. We had lots of hot cocoa and snuggle-up-with-a-book time. Finn and I learned to be creative with ALL our inside time together.

Now we are looking forward to using our water table and little blow up pool, taking walks after dinner, and LOTS of independent outside play time and, hopefully, less mosquito bites!


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