Finn’s Summer

This was our first summer school break, looking at it from a parents perspective. We have always been two teachers, thrilled to take some time away from teaching and enjoy time with friend and teens. After enjoying the availability of Daycare every work day, we had to come up with creative things to do with Finn. Unlike the states, we do not have pools, summer camps, VBS, and grandma’s house to fall back on. I invited my ladies Bible Study and their kids to come play in our backyard each Wednesday morning. Finn would occasionally join us. He was NOT thrilled about sharing his toys with so many kids so he would often hang around me and eat his snack.

Unfortunately, one of the first things we had to do this summer was say goodbye to Finn’s first babysitter, Mae, who flew off to college. She started watching Finn when he was 6 months old. We drove out to the airport early in the morning and waved as the plane took off. Now, every time an airplane takes off he says, “Dat Mae Mae plane mommy”.

Our little boy made lots of accomplishments this summer. Finn gave up his final pacifier. Many tears were shed at first and later when nap time came around, but he did it! We got him a fishing game at the store as a prize for being such a big boy. Naps were hard after that but we seem to have regained it, at least at the moment.

He is also sleeping in underwear. Our diaper budget has significantly decreased. YAY! We are very proud of him.

His best friend right now is Piper, his cousin. Every morning he wakes up saying he wants Piper to come over. She is 12 so we have started using her as a babysitter for Finn. She loves it and he does too. They are very creative together and she has much more energy than Alan and I combined. 

We have enjoyed watching him explore his world and love on his brother. Can’t believe this kid will be 3 years old in just 2 weeks!

Finn has decided to include Colby in his play. He even offers to give him his bottle.


3 thoughts on “Finn’s Summer

  1. Loving the adventures of the Mighty Finn and his trusty sidekick, Colby Jack! Cute kids (of course, I’m very biased)!


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