We’re still alive!

After nearly three weeks of doctors visits, we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel! On Tuesday, two weeks ago, right before Alan and I were supposed to go to Bible Study, Colby touched the outside of the oven door and got a second degree burn. His poor little hand blistered up quick and we did everything we could to keep him calm. After calling the doctor and many attempts to help him the only thing that calmed him was a wet washcloth and daddy rocking him. Amazingly he slept through the night and woke up like nothing had happened.

The next morning I took Colby and Finn to the doctors office. They looked at Colby’s palm and said to keep it clean, dry and covered. Great! How do you do that with a kid who crawls everywhere and eats with his hands? I did my best (although we did go through LOTS of gauze and tape) and he is on the up-and-up now. It did not get infected and his little body healed quickly. But, boy, it has been quite a task keeping up with it…especially since he cries like a crazy man every time I try to change the bandage (or put on a diaper or change his clothes).

The thing that concerned us most when this happened was that Finn had just gotten a staph infection. The doctors really didn’t want Colby’s burn to get the infection otherwise it would be a big ordeal. So…on top of bandaging the baby I was also caring for Finn. That involved oral medicine, at least four warm compresses on four different spots, medicine and bandaids, and the occasional bleach bath. I am exhausted!

Other than that, we are doing well. The Primary school had their annual sports day which Finn and I enjoyed watching. I helped with a few events but I could mostly be an auntie and cheer on my nieces and nephew! (The colors for the PC are yellow and red. The cousins on the red team)

Alan and I were both able to take a get-away retreat which was relaxing and WELL needed. I went to one called The Brook Along The Way. This retreat is AMAZING! The gal who puts it on cooks fancy meals, provides nice treats that pamper us, and makes us feel so loved. The goal of the retreat is to do what you want. I decided to sleep (two nights!!) , read, and craft.

This past weekend Alan went to a guys retreat that was very similar, however, I provided food for him. He really enjoyed being able to write again and enjoy reading. It is a blessing to know there are places of retreat and quiet for us to refresh and encourage us.

Blog on the Boy’s birthdays, coming up!

6 thoughts on “We’re still alive!

  1. So glad to hear the boys are better. Sounds like you went thru a nonstop time of being nurse mommy. Even though it was tough, it’s easy to imagine how much worse it could have been! We all have a lot to be grateful for!

  2. Hello Amanda and family,

    Wow! You have had a hard time! Praise God for healing of the boys and for the healing with retreats for you and Alan. Thank you for sharing and being open. I am praying for y’all. We miss you! Angel


  3. Experiences like these inevitably happen with our children, & indeed, it is exhausting when they are so young and dependent. I remember well the stresses of being a mom. Being in a remote area with limited medical access further adds to the stress, for sure. Although not there physically, we are always available prayerfully. My Bible Study & church small groups love praying for y’all. Stay the course, take advantage of ANY time needed for retreat, and know you are loved. -continuing in prayer for full recovery soon.

  4. Wow, Amanda! I’m so glad the boys are feeling better and you and Alan got to enjoy a much needed retreat to rest some! The picture of the King is so cute!! Deede K.


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