Birthday Boys- Part 2

He’s not quite walking, but that doesn’t slow him down!

Colby’s first birthday was very similar to Finn’s first. We invited my family and all of the babysitters to join us. Yes, I said all. Babysitters here are cheap and we know them pretty well, since Alan teaches them!

We started with a Korean tradition where items are chosen and put out for the baby to see. Each item represents a career the baby will grow up to take on. Colby went towards them, touched a few, then started crying! Hahha! Eventually he chose a notepad which stood for writer. Alan was very proud! (If you remember…Finn chose a banana- not sure what that means).

Afterwards he ate his first cake. He loved his zebra cake, and mommy loved making it. Alan has been giving me some pointers ;)

Colby got lots of presents (although I think he would have been content with the wrapping paper and boxes) and after everyone left he almost fell asleep in his highchair. What a big day for all!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Colby!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Boys- Part 2

  1. Sure hate missing Colby’s 1st birthday! But it looks like it was a hit:) Great job on the zebra cake, Amanda. 🦓 👍🏻 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COLBY JACK! MiMi and Big Daddy will see you soon, bearing belated birthday presents! 😘❤️

  2. Sounds like a busy season! Happy birthday to both your sweet boys and I think the cakes both look amazing!!!

  3. HBD, Colby Jack & Finn the Eskimo!
    Outstanding work on both Ungulate cakes, although I’ll give Amanda the crown in this year’s B’day cake wars – the Zebra was more appropriate for an odd year Birthday, as the Llama isn’t a Perissodactyl.


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