Our Boys

These boys are growing fast! Can you believe we just celebrated their 2nd and 4th birthdays? We did one big party this year, since they share the same birthday.

Colby has recently started speaking a lot more. His list of words is too long for me to type! Our favorite things he says right now are: “But whhhhy??”, “Where Fee at?” (Fee is what Colby calls Finn), “Moooore please,” and “I want bus!” (for the Magic School Bus). He says all of this very clearly.

He also decided that he wants to be potty trained. At the end of June he went a whole week with just a few accidents, even staying dry at night. Since that week, things have been a little touch and go on the potty front, but he’s a determined little fella. Our boy loves to walk places and could eat all the fruit in our house if we let him!

We love how snuggly and friendly he is. No one can pass by our house with out him saying “hi” to them or “abu-buuu” (apinun means “good afternoon” in the local pidgin). He’s vacated his crib and upgraded to a pop-up tent on the floor. With the exception of a few minor incidents, this seems to be going well…

Finn, meanwhile, continues to grow and surprise us by what he knows. Although he talks pretty much all day long the things he comes up with are so clever.

He often brings up Jesus in regular conversation. The other day we met a little baby named Kobi and Finn said, “Jesus must have made that Kobi for his family and our Colby for ours.” He continues to be confused by why he can not see God so we’ve encouraged him to ask God to reveal himself to him in some way, and we’ve tried to explain that he’s a spirit and doesn’t have a body like ours. He told me when he was going to bed, “Mom, God doesn’t go to bed or brush his teeth. He doesn’t need to, cause his body is not like my body.”

We have enjoyed watching him play by himself, creating worlds with his toys. He isn’t quite to a point where he plays with friends just yet. In mid-August he started three-year-old Preschool, called pukpuks here (which means crocodiles). He is very excited and already loves his teacher.

A few more things about the boys… A family went on furlough and left their car for us to drive. The boys always want to go cruising.

We were given a chance to take a vacation for a few days with our friends. This was a WELL needed vacation and we were able to make it happen in the small window of travel. We flew out to Kimbe Bay in West New Britain. The boys enjoyed the adventure.

Finn swam every day in the pool and Colby got all kinds of attention. The resort owners had a few cats that Colby made sure to love every time we were at the pool. It was fun to see what a trip would look like now that Colby is a toddler.

Oh, and one last thing – we have a bunny now! Meet Thumper:

I have only seen one other rabbit in this country so he is very popular. He’s a great first pet for the boys, even if he does escape and hide under our house from time to time.

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Our Boys

  1. Love the update! Crazy how quickly they are growing up. Hope you both are well! All is well in my world. Finished with seminary and I recently got ordained. Now I’m in a transitional time. I know the Lord has exciting things prepared.

    Wishing y’all the best!

    Chris Taunton


  2. So glad that you all are thriving and are feeling well. LOVE the pix but the one of the guilty-looking Colby all covered with white stuff is PRICELESS!! The boys are so handsome and look so happy!! May God continue to bless you all and all who live and work in your little corner of the world. Love…Aunt Cindie

  3. Amanda,

    It was so nice to read your post about the boys. How quickly they are growing. I am glad your family was able to get away for a bit. It is a challenging time of life for you – with 2 little guys always on the go. I would think the added dimension of living in an isolated closed community and with covid lockdown restrictions- could be even trickier. However it seems as if you are managing to get the right things passed on to this next generation Amanda. Good job!

    Continuing in prayer.. Love you lots.

    in His grip

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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