3 thoughts on “New Video (!)

  1. Oh my goodness Amanda…

    This is priceless♡ Kari shared this with us the other day – Thom and I played it many times. I especially enjoyed it personally knowing Finn and Colby. But it is a terrific tool for recruiting parents who are considering the mission field.

    How are you managing with three little boys?
    Never a dull moment. :)

    Love you lots♡

  2. Finn and Colby did a fantastic job relating their life in PNG. I enjoyed every second of the video. Their little voices are just precious. Happy to hear from all of you.
    Karyn Folmar

  3. This is beyond awesome!! What a blessing you all are to all and all the while so many there are blessing your family, as well. Thank you for sharing this. It made my year (thus far)!! Peace and Joy to you!! Love…Aunt Cindie


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