The work goes on

Shortly after returning in March, Alan and I participated in our Wycliffe Branch Conference. This Conference typically lasts five days and is held every other year. Since last year was… what it was, the conference got postponed a year.

One of my favorite parts of Conference is when translation teams present on what they have been working on over the past two years. I wasn’t sure what all would be said this time, seeing as many translators were unable to travel for quite some time and they faced many, many challenges. But with each presentation I was encouraged to see God at work through their creativity, motivation, ownership by the local people and God’s continual provision.

On the last day of Conference we had a Scripture Celebration! Every project that was completed was named from the stage and Papua New Guinean representative paraded the material down the aisle through a flood of applause and tears! How Good is Our God that translation of His Word continues even through a Pandemic!

4 Full New Testaments
1 New Testament Revision
6 Scripture Portions
13 Audio Recordings
4 Oral Bible Translations
7 Videos (Jesus Film)


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