Sick, Sore, and Spider

Before I get to the “Three S’s” I want to say a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there! What would the world be like without mothers? Here is what my sweet boys did for me.

They are really into making artful banners these days. Somehow I totally missed the making of this one!

They made me lemon poppy seed scones and a super tasty coffee. The flowers, of course, were a sweet touch! I also got a lovely card! I felt very loved!

The week before this, each of the little boys, in turn, came down with a fever. I spent long periods of the day holding one if not two, feverish, sad and pathetic children. It started with Colby (thankfully that didn’t last long) then Finn and Leo. After three days of fever we went to the doctor and, as things go, they were both totally healthy and continued this way. Why do I bother?!

At least we got to enjoy “Hamburger Night” at our local teen-run “restaurant” with friends on Friday.

The next day, after getting a glimpse of the freedom outside our house, my foot got infected. (This was the day before Mother’s Day – sorry for the confusing timeline).

Yep, so I spent some time in the clinic getting it cleaned and looked at (I will spare you the details). And lately I have been getting around via hopping or rolling around on an office chair.

SOOO very thankful for friends who are happy to take my boys away so mommy can elevate and rest!

Surprisingly…this is the not the first time I injured myself while raising an infant. Let me recap:

Shortly after Finn started to walk, I sprained my right ankle and pulled two ligaments. OUCH! I literally had friends over at my house for a week doing basically everything for me- washing dishes, changing Finn’s diaper, folding laundry…it was very humbling. Haven’t played Ultimate Frisbee since.

When Colby was about 8 months or or so, I cut my thumb on my right hand (do we see any patterns :) while washing dishes and had to get stitches. Washing dishes, changing diapers and giving people baths was quite challenging.

Why did all of this happen? My theory is this: mother’s brains are scrambled eggs during this time of a kids life. Lord willing, Leo will end this cycle ;)

So we covered Sick and Sore… so now for Spider.

We found this “little fella” one afternoon while eating lunch on our porch. Wish I could post a video of Alan screaming as he relocated our friend…but I didn’t get one. Alas.

That’s all for now folks!


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