About the Work

Since 2012, we’ve been working with Wycliffe’s team of Bible translators in Papua New Guinea.  Here’s the shorthand of how it works:

  • PNG is a largely tribal nation that has over 800 different dialects and languages
  • Wycliffe, heeding the call of Romans 10:14-15, has any number of missionary teams translating the Bible into as many of those languages as possible
  • The teams are based in Ukarumpa, a small village in the heart of PNG, and the children of the missionaries go to school at Ukarumpa International School
  • When teachers aren’t available, the translation teams are forced to send their missionaries to the school, which delays the translation work

And that’s where folks like us come in.  We teach at the local primary and secondary schools, freeing up translators to do their work, while also doing what we love.


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