Three by Three

This post, I’m afraid to say, is just another attempt (in a long string of them) to avoid grading papers.

It came to my attention today, as I was plotting out the next few week of class, that less than ten schooldays remain in the current term.  I regret that this is not welcome news to me, and the unwanted nature of the news is compounded by the fact that a stack of thirty ungraded papers sits undisturbed upon my desk.

It has been my practice (though I don’t, by any means, encourage this behavior) to grade three papers, read some Emily Dickinson, grade three more, bake some blueberry muffins, grade three more… and so on.

The current break has gone far too long as it is, so now I’m off again.  But fear not (!) – by the time I finish the next three, I’ll have found another welcome diversion.

4 thoughts on “Three by Three

  1. You’d be surprised there’s so much to be done…. count all the bees in the hive; chase all the clouds from the sky

  2. …practice your cartwheels, go thru your change jar looking for coins dated the year you were born, search your yard for a four-leaf clover, re-organize your silverware (don’t ask), sort your legos by color…hmmm, all of these (unfortunately) are from years of personal experience…i think i’ll stop. this is getting embarrassing.


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