Land of the Unexpected

Not too long ago, the official tag-line of Papua New Guinea tourism was “Land of the Unexpected.”  A fitting motto, to be sure, but some PR person must have come along and pointed out that “unexpected” isn’t always good.  Now they’ve changed it to something like “A Million Different Journeys” – which is apparently the friendlier slogan. 

Approved by the official tag-line or not, things here continue to be unexpected.  A few days ago, we dropped Amelia and Michael off at a volleyball game, and 20 minutes later, she was back home with a sprained ankle.

After a trip to the clinic, we realized the sprained ankle was actually a broken ankle.  Amelia, good sport that she is, had high spirits throughout the whole experience… waiting:


And getting x-rayed:


And getting wrapped:


And enjoying (or perhaps, living with) the final product – her new purple cast.  Kudos to our wonderful clinic, which had her x-rayed, diagnosed, and in a cast within an hour.


If you’re the praying sort, do pray for the lass as she travels next week, and learns to navigate the complexities of handicapped flying.

The good news is, she has a marvelous attitude about it all, and has already discovered a bundle of ways to enjoy herself on one foot.

2 thoughts on “Land of the Unexpected

  1. The land of Alan T is the land of the unexpected, whether in Birmingham or PNG — and that’s what we love about you. Thanks for taking of our baby’s boo-boo and being such a great host and hostess. Joel & Helen


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