Silly Things Kids Say

Lately I have had some pretty funny conversation with kids here in Ukarumpa. They are entertaining but maybe a bit concerning as well! Here they are.

Speaker: My three year old niece.

A few months ago, while driving to a town a few hours away, my niece asked me a question. She had been sitting next to me looking out the window.


“Aunt Amanda,” she said, “What are those lines on the road for?”

I was shocked! She doesn’t know what road lines are for? Of course not, why would she. We only have graveled roads where we live and we only drive on partially paved roads on our way to other towns in this country. I did my best to explain this but realized I had no idea how to since the lines in this country don’t mean a whole lot. There are often people walking in the road, pigs meandering about, pot holes, and who knows what else.

Speakers: 11th grade girls

For the past four years I have been leading a girls Bible Study group one day a week. The girls are now in 11th grade. The group has been split so they have two smaller groups to discuss. This year we are all together for a short time of fellowship then split for the Bible Study portion.

Well one night the girls were getting their tea and coffee and started talking about milk. For a bit of background, where we live we have two kinds: powder milk and box milk (this milk stays good for many months if not refrigerated or opened). Occasionally we will get fresh cows milk, but that can be questionable.

“Powder milk is by far the best.” one girl said “Especially when it hasn’t be mixed well so there are these yummy sweet clumps you can chew on.”

“That is disgusting! I hate powder milk. Box milk is the best, especially when you mix it with Milo”


This is how the discussion went until a girl who had recently been in America entered the conversation. She informed them that there are other kinds, like milk that comes in a gallon. She described how the milk here has a weird after taste and doesn’t taste real. The girls all thought about this and decided they would always prefer the milk we get here. Little do they know!

Speaker: 3rd Grade Girl

On a particularly cold morning a few months back my students came to school in more clothes than they ever have before. They had hats, jackets, long pants, scarves, etc. Some of them even had layers of clothes…which were quite difficult to keep up with. One little girl, with such excitement, entered the classroom with eyes for me. She ran over and told this story…


“Mrs. Halbrooks,” she said with bright eyes, “I wore socks today and those shoes that….you know….cover your feet all the way around.”

I looked at her, smiled and said, “Do you mean, tennis shoes?”

“Yes, I wore tennis shoes today. It’s so cold I thought my toes would freeze…”

She kept talking but I have no idea what else she said because all I could think was how does a third grader forget what a tennis shoe is? All she wears are Flipflops or Crocks. It obviously doesn’t get cold here all that often.

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