Things I Miss

Though it hardly need be said, what I miss most back home is my folks and my friends.

The kind letters, packages and emails you’ve sent have brought much joy, and your prayers are always felt.  But today (at the risk of sounding like a materialist) I’m thinking of the physical things I wish I didn’t have to live so long without:

Haystacks – It’s no secret that I’ve always loved racing across haystacks, even after the time Ben fell in between two and broke his glasses.  But haystacks mean far more than just merriment.  To me, seeing a haystack brings back memories of childhood, college road trips, and most of all, Rugby (not the sport, but the lovely place in the mountains of Tennessee).  What I’d give to be able to drop my books and drive up to that wondrous little town right now.

Dmitri the Camry – Speaking of driving, I do miss having my own car.  This may come as a shock to anyone who’s seen my old car (with its two broken door handles, three broken windows, and a CD player you have to open with a toothpick), but it’s true.  I loved my car.  It was called Dmitri the Camry, and I’m happy at least to know that now it’s in the good hands of my friend Migo.

Tropicana (with Lots of Pulp) – When someone offers you orange juice here, what you mostly get is an opaque orange liquid that tastes like Tang.  In fact, come to think of it, most of the time it is Tang.  I know some of you despise pulp, but I’d eat a bowl of it for breakfast if it were socially acceptable (all right, that’s not true… but I do love it in my orange juice).

Bookstores – Those of you who can spend a Saturday afternoon eating a bread-bowl full of Broccoli Cheddar Soup at Panera and then perusing the local bookstore (especially the spiffy labyrinthine ones run by old women in rocking chairs) should treasure every bit of the experience.

The closest we get to that here is a for-sale posting of twelve books no one’s ever heard of.  We do, though, have plenty of rocking chairs and cozy fires to read beside.

8 thoughts on “Things I Miss

  1. You are missed greatly here in the ‘ham, and your Pa and I are counting down the days ’til our trip to see you. The weekend celebration in Rugby of Uncle David and Martha’s marriage could only have been bested with you there…games, hikes, balloon-making, bbq (pork and goat!), target and skeet shooting behind the barn, pancakes, bonfire w/marshmallow roasting, AND an outdoor band playing all afternoon Saturday under the big tree behind Oak Lodge….oh Alan, you would have enjoyed it so!
    God has given you a special girl to make up for being so far from the people who love and miss your wonderful self, for You are a delight to Him:)…and Rugby, friends, and fam will be here when you return. Your car…well…it may not.

  2. Considering the unspeakable number of your pancakes that we’ve consumed over the years, we’re all materialists.

    About the Rug: Ma didn’t mention that the jolly band played your favorite: “Gimme That Ole Time Religion” – haa!

    (And I’ve been swiggin twice the pulp since you departed to make up for the gaping hole you left in that industry. My immune system’s never been better. Which is good given all this foolish talk of walkin pneumonia these days.)

  3. Maybe Bens immune system is better but his ability to walk has been compromised by double… : )

    Also, dont worry about not getting to go to Rugby, the rest of us will take care of going in your place…


  4. First of all, might I say, Ben…swigging… gross! Secondly, haystack racing sounds awesome! Soon and very soon…you will enjoy these wonderful things, dear Alan. Distance will only make them sweeter when they are with in your grasp. haha, and these times will only assist in more terrific blog topics.

  5. We could (hypothetically) send you an old woman in a rocking chair to sit by the twelve books. It might be lacking the labyrinthine quality, but we can only do so much.


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