Flamingoed and Avocadoed

The blog sabbatical is over.  Once and for all.

The second semester of school has begun and with it has come all the joys and stresses of life as a teacher.  In the fair town of Ukarumpa, though, a few other jollities get added to the mix.  Not least of which are the Flamingoes:


And let’s not forget the Avocados:




That’s right.  The doubly bright and equally industrious students here have come up with all new ways of showing their appreciation (or, if you reject the euphemism, wreaking havoc on their teachers’ lawns).

The flamingoes, of course, are an old ploy – probably concocted by some manufacturer in Delaware who accidentally mass produced an army of birds and figured he’d make a profit out of the mistake.  Instead of just putting them in someone’s yard, though, the Youth Group of Ukarumpa makes you pay to have them removed.  And if you pay double, you can have them moved elsewhere.  Pretty shameless fundraising, if you ask me.  :)

Of course, I did give in in the end, and they were moved to Amanda’s yard in a jiffy.

As for the avocados… what can I say?  My 7th grade community group boys get the medal for ingenuity on that one.  Valentines Day will never be complete again without the greeny dozen.

6 thoughts on “Flamingoed and Avocadoed

  1. SO good to hear from you. Your blog was sorely missed, as are you. Love from Mama Megginson

  2. Seeing your blogs brightens my day!! Seems like there’s always something cool and interesting going on in your world. The pix are great because they bring your words to life. I must say, the photo of Amanda is so very sweet. Keep the missives coming !!! Love…Aunt Cindie

  3. I was just asking your Mom the other day why I’d quit receiving your blog..she told me you hadn’t been writing. I was relieved to know I had not been ‘unfriended’ a la Face Book! I, too, enjoy your updates and happenings that keep us in touch with another world. Glad you’re back!

  4. I LOVE the ingenuity of the fundraiser; I LOVE that you sent them to Amanda’s yard; and I LOVE that you are back blogging:) Love, Ma

  5. Welcome back, Alan. We will cancel the APB we had filed with the Ukarumpa 5-O. Glad to see that your students have picked up on some American virtues such as extortion. PETA will not be happy to hear of the fowl play. The use of Avocadoes on Valentines Day was very novel; however, I was dissappointed to hear that an even dozen were used. 6.022 x 10 (to the 23rd power) Avocadoes used would have been an even Avogadro’s number of Avocadoes.

  6. Those avocados sure made good guacamole!! I still can’t believe those boys were waiting for us to leave your house before avocadoing you! haha…sneaky sneaky, but quite clever! Thanks for the flamingos! We wish we could keep them.


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