Of Mice and Disco Balls

More mice, more skates, and more tomfoolery.  That, for me, is the long and short of last week.

Of Skates:

My 10th graders hosted another skate night a few days ago at the Meeting House – and as a side note, let me warn you never to try the Hokey Pokey on rollerblades.  All was going well until the disco-ball stopped working.


(photo courtesy Brandy Ingle)

But we were not to be thwarted.  A series of volunteers (myself included) tag-teamed a manual spinning of the ball for the next hour and half – which is exactly how long it took until someone had the bright idea of putting a new battery in the thing.  

Of Tomfoolery:

Another annual event I witnessed this past week was the illustrious Banquet Invitation Announcement.  Banquet is something like Prom in the States – a big night for high school juniors and seniors to live in the Jazz Age for an evening – with all the dresses, decorations, and anticipation that comes with it.  And in a small community like this, it’s all the buzz.  Each year, about a month before the Banquet, an announcement is made at the high school during one of the morning breaks.  Students are given invitations, parents perform a skit, and the teachers get to sit back and enjoy the show.  This year, the skit was a compilation of musical numbers from Singin’ in the Rain – and it was a sight to see.  Here’s my friend Leah providing the rain:


Of Mice:

The all-too-cunning, all-too-strong mouse of last week’s shenanigans has finally had his undoing.  I was sitting at my computer one morning typing up a research paper rubric when – scritch scritch – the pesky furball started munching on my crackers.  I jumped up, ran to the counter, and quick as I could, cut off his exits.  Now his only options were a high jump off the counter, or a dive into the toaster.  He chose the toaster.

No, I did not toast the mouse.

Come on, people – I’m not a barbarian.  I covered it up with a dishrag, unplugged it, and carried it to the tennis courts – the closest place I figured it could do least damage.

4 thoughts on “Of Mice and Disco Balls

  1. Mercy and Missions to the mouse!



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