My Home

Last night, upon returning from a trip to Huntsville, I checked the mail to find this:


Confused, I quickly opened it to see what it was all about (if I would have thought a little harder I would have seen it was done on a typewriter which would have given it away immediately, but I can’t resist a mystery.)

Inside was written:

Dear Mommy,

Wow! What a crazy two months this has been. I got to meet so many cousins and grandparents and friends and I’ve already seen five different states! I’m getting a wee bit tired of the old carseat, but that’s really my only complaint. (And now that I have a mirror, I can make faces at you while we’re in the car- so it’s all worth it.)

Any way, I mostly just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for letting me see so much of the world and so many people. Thanks for holding me when I can’t sleep. Thanks for your tireless work night and day to keep me warm and clean and fed.

Thanks for making me smile.

And most of all- Thanks for being my Home no matter where we are.

Love you always,

At the very bottom of the card was a small ink printed baby foot and a smudgy hand print with this written next to it:

(this was supposed to be a hand and foot print…but I still can’t really do much with my appendages…)

I cried when I read it. Who wouldn’t?! What a wonderful and caring husband I have. Thanks Alan!

Just had to brag on him.

6 thoughts on “My Home

  1. Well i for one, am very glad Fin signed it. I wasn’t sure who it was from until the statement about making faces at you in the car, then i KNEW it was from Alan. I’m so confused! Wait a minute….then again…


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