Finn’s Friends

Finn and Elora copy.jpg

Finn has friends. He has started to show interest in playing with other kids. This is such a fun stage for us! He has recently played with a few other toddlers and has thoroughly enjoyed himself. Although he may learn some “bad habits” from time to time we have seen him grow from each play date. He is a quick study. It’s interesting to see them communicate with each other and teach each other things.

Finn and Elora 2 copy.JPG

There are times he will start doing something like shutting doors, climbing up on things, grabbing toys, nodding and shaking his head, that we haven’t seen before.


IMG_0978 copy.JPG

Where did he learn these things…our guess…his friends.


2 thoughts on “Finn’s Friends

  1. You all have the cutest little rascal! He is becoming his own little person😀.
    Won’t be long before you all head to CO for the family ski trip! We hope to spend Christmas st our new cabin and let the kids try skiing at a Wolf Creek ski area—supposed to have the most snow in CO!
    Miss you guys, but love what you are doing.
    Love, Mrs Frese


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