Scripture Checking

I have recently been given the honor of helping check the Baruga New Testament. The Farr family has been working on this translation for quite a long time. My friend, Kari, asked if I would join a team to help look over the New Testament for any mistakes before it was printed and sold to the people.

To be honest, I was a little nervous at first. What do I know about translation? Kari assured me that they actually don’t want translators to do the checking. This job is intended for people with a keen eye for details. People who can check titles, pictures, captions, paragraph indentions, etc. I can do that!

I was given the job of Page Checker. I looked through each book and made sure the page numbers were correct and flowed from one book to the next. Although it seems like a simple job, it was wonderful to hold these pages, representing so many years of hard work, and know that this is God’s word in the Baruga language. This is what we are here supporting. How exciting!

This week, if all goes well, I will be able to help check the Binumarian New Testament and a few Old Testament Portions. Please keep this work in your prayers as there is still so much more to do before getting the Word to the people.

3 thoughts on “Scripture Checking

  1. Thanks for this earlier post about Scripture Checking! Some how I missed it. Thanks for taking part in that import task. I did it a couple of times and it was a bit awesome thinking that even I could help in this way. Good job, Amanda!

  2. This is awesome, Alan! Very glad to hear you are applying your excellent English skills to such a hugely important platform. “Heaven and Earth will pass away…”

  3. What a joy, Amanda, for you to participate in such an eternally impactful task. Love you.


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