Noah’s Ark: Gingerbread Edition

This week provided the perfect opportunity to pull out the old recipes of tradition and whip up Noah’s Ark in finest gingerbread form.

First, the templates and dough:

Then, the candy:

Add students (next year’s graduating class):

And some creative energies:

An infant who sleeps through chaos:

And a toddler who refuses to be left out:

Some odd flourishes (including a surfing giraffe and a shark-riding Japheth):

And voila – a finished creation:

It took about half a day to create and half a minute to devour.  Another lesson from the book of Ecclesiastes.

4 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark: Gingerbread Edition

  1. That is one awesome creation!! Love the photos and all the smiling faces! :o) And I love you guys…was so great seeing you at Thanksgiving!! Love ~ Aunt Cindie

  2. Impressive…and done with very low cost labor (as was the original, I suppose). I am at least a little perplexed by the Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus.


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