An Ukarumpa Christmas

As you can imagine, it’s not very cold around these parts for Christmas.  But that doesn’t keep the yuletide season from being merry and bright.

Here are some of our Ukarumpa Christmas traditions:

First, the making of cinnamon rolls – now a full family affair.

(The pink ones were supposed to be red, but what can you do?)

Next, the nativity story told with the help of toys (Amanda and I did the voices and acted out all the parts with this lovely little set).

(There was, of course, some creative license taken…)

The sharing of gifts:

This last one was Finn’s warthog ornament made just for me. (He’s a little obsessed with Pumba at the moment.)

And finally, the family photos:

Merry Christmas to you all!

4 thoughts on “An Ukarumpa Christmas

  1. I love your photos! Oh my, what a beautiful family! Wishing you a blessed new year ahead – filled with the joy of the Lord. Hugs!

  2. Beautiful happy celebration:) Thanks for sharing your photos. Ha; the mud “snow”man!! Miss y’all!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the family. We miss y’all so much already! I love the warthog ornament!!

  4. Great Christmas photos! Hope you are all doing well and getting accustomed to teaching again



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