Birthday Boys

Our boys are a year older as of August 18th! What fun it was to celebrate them together. This year we decided to celebrate Finn’s birthday on Saturday and Colby’s on Sunday.  We asked Finn what he wanted to do for his 3rd birthday and he said, “Me want to wide in the weeoweeo twuck with Pipo and eat a yama cake” (translation: I want to ride in the firetruck with Piper and eat llama cake). So that’s what he did. 

Alan made a great lama cake for him, with his careful observation, and we celebrated at my sister’s house with her family (which was a HUGE blessing because mommy was very sick that day).

Afterwards, the volunteer firefighter picked us up and drove us around centre. Finn got to turn on the siren! 

Finn loved all of his presents and did a great job allowing Colby to have a special day too. He had such a great birthday.

Nana- he has the toys he got from you in his bilum.
Happy 3rd Birthday Finn-Finn!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Boys

  1. Happy birthday Finn-the-Eskimo! I’m sure the fire truck was super fun, and I’m POSITIVE you would have picked MiMi to be your riding partner if I had been there:)😜…but Piper is indeed the next best choice as I know she’s bunches of fun. We love you and will see you soon…with surprises:)! Be good. ✈️


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