The Return Journey

After many fond farewells, we began our 49-hour return to PNG last Saturday. The boys did surprisingly well on the five airplanes and extended layovers. Here are some pictures from the journey:

Colby says goodbye to Birmingham from the air.
Finn and Colby both finally figured out how to wear headphones on this trip. Leo couldn’t be bothered.
Colby used his to watch the Paw Patrol movie no less than seven times… and our TV detox began the moment we landed in PNG.
Much to our surprise, Leo slept or smiled almost the entire journey. We’ve never had an easier baby.
Amanda, in a brilliant Mom move, packed an entire carry-on full of toys and surprises. We opened a new bag roughly every three hours, and the boys were as pleased as could be. (Though Finn was under the impression that we were going to open a new surprise “every minute.”)
All ten of our bags arrived on cue when we landed in PNG – and if we hadn’t felt everyone’s prayers previously (we did, I assure you), we certainly did then.
Our good cousins met us at the final airport, and then – as they say – we slept a thousand sleeps.

Thank you, thank you, everyone who prayed us over here. It was a long journey, but went so much better than either of us expected. Now we’re settling into our house over here, unpacking boxes and sharing coconuts. We’re glad to be back, but miss you all already.


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